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So you want to be… #DramaFree



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Caitlin and Marian’s interactive journal to help you reduce unnecessary conflict in your life.

Includes 24 skills, tools and strategies, clean questions and tried-and-tested exercises designed to change the way you think about and react to the drama situations you find yourself in. A personal journey to create a calmer, more stress free life.

Take a few minutes a day over a few months to learn all the #DramaFree skills:

  • Detecting drama in yourself and others
  • Distinguishing between the drama roles of persecutor, victim and rescuer
  • Acknowledging what triggers drama in you
  • Understanding different brain states
  • Exploring and managing your negative states
  • Reviewing the narratives and stories that keep you stuck
  • Paying attention in the moment
  • Asking questions to uncover meaning
  • Spotting drama metaphors
  • Keeping assumptions out of your questions
  • Creating your own learning metaphor
  • Understanding your own timescape
  • Uncovering your own hidden architecture
  • Giving evidence-based feedback
  • Setting intentions for what you would like to have happen
  • Setting yourself tasks you’re motivated to achieve
  • Shifting from problem to outcome thinking
  • Separating issues into different logical levels
  • Understanding your own values
  • Getting yourself into a good state at will
  • Keeping yourself well
  • Creating your own motivation and inspiration
  • Building, maintaining and repairing relationships
  • Taking on someone else’s perspective


As someone who just recently took a dive into systemic modelling only to discover the incredible depth of it, the #DramaFree book is like having a personal swimming coach by my side and getting a bite size practical training that incrementally builds my swimming muscle. It’s full of everyday personally relatable examples that makes the exercises real and fun!And it gives me ideas of how I might structure a team workshop with utilising systemic modelling tools. I also find this a great practice workbook for basic symbolic modelling skills. Thanks to you and Caitlin for bringing this book into the world!

Kyoko Kusama, Executive Coach

Fabulous journal! Your Drama Free journal is an excellent tool to work through situations which have caused/ could cause drama in my life. Through honest self reflection it helped me to get to know myself better. I finished only working through the first chapter and part of the second chapter and have already gained new insights and are able to spot when I or another person are in different drama roles. Very helpful journal and fun to do.

The #DramaFree book is a great resource which offers clarity and valuable Clean Language tools embedded in the book's 24 exercises. The ideas in this journal put you on the fast track to learn powerful clean skills you can readily use with yourself and others.

Brian Dooley

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