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Our coaches have a broad range of experience and expertise including, but not limited to, executive & board level development, managing mergers and acquisitions, conflict and mediation, neurodivergence, imposter syndrome, start-ups, healing personal patterns to free up professional development, personal branding and transitions such as new roles, new partnerships and retirement.

All of our clean coaching:

  • Meets you where you are
  • Enables you to build useful metaphors and models for your current experience
  • Creates conditions that allow new insights, directions, motivations and passions to emerge
  • Supports you to align your values and behaviours 

We coach individuals, couples, small teams, families, communities, departments and whole organisations. 

If you would like to create group-level transformation, we would co-design a bespoke intervention and coach the system as a whole.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What’s the 'Clean' of Clean Coaching?

The ‘clean’ part of clean coaching refers to our aim to minimise any contamination of your thought processes with our own interpretations, suggestions, advice, judgments, opinions, models, etc. To achieve this, we discipline ourselves to use only your words, together with David Grove’s Clean Language questions. This saves time and ensures that your coaching insights and new behaviours are home grown and sustainable.

Will the coaching only use clean questions?

As well as asking clean questions, our coaches are trained to code categories of information. For example, are you naturally focusing on problems or desired outcomes or resources? Is what you're saying a belief, an impression or evidence-based? We can ask you clean-ish questions to help train your attention to gaps in your understanding. We can encourage you to attend to different perspectives to free you up to use all of your intelligence, creativity and values in relation to your experience. When coaching pairs or teams, the coach will support each of you to explore the other person’s experience using these simple codes to help you inquire further before offering advice, ideas or objections. These coding-in-the-moment tools help to create the space required for new learning and fresh outcomes.

Who is it for?

Clean coaching is for you if you are:

  • An individual wanting clarification and transformation
  • In a partnership or small group that wants more effective ways of communicating, understanding and appreciating diversity so that each of you is able to work together, at your best, more of the time
  • An organisation wanting to develop a coaching mindset across teams and with customers

What will I gain?

You will gain…

  • A clearer model of what’s happening, what you’d like to have happen, what’s achievable and how to get the support and resources you need
  • An understanding of the tools involved so that you can become better able to self-coach in the future

What’s involved?

  • You will start with a brief clean scoping call, where we will ask what’s happening, what you would like to have happen and how we can support you.
  • If we're a good match, we can then coach you to create a model of what you'd like.
  • As your goals emerge through the coaching, we will help you to encourage the conditions needed for those changes to happen.

A clean coaching session lasts around 90 minutes and, many people find that a single session gives them great insight and they may need time to process between sessions.

Sometimes a client’s initial outcomes are very different from the ones that emerge and develop through coaching.

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